FO : Campside



Campside pattern, by Alicia Plummer

A fat, cozy and simple shawl that flies off your needles! Perfect for wrapping your cold shoulders or keep your neck and arms warm.


I used Dragonfly Fibers Traveller yarn in Titania colorway, about all of my 3 skeins. I told you. The shawl is HUGE.


While being quite simple (standard top-down shawl construction, minimal lace created with yarn overs and decreases), your have to pay attention to the charts : they are not mirroring! It got me confused at first, had to rip back because my lace pattern was not working, and I’m still wondering WHY they are not symetrical. That said, I really enjoyed knitting it.


Since it’s knitted with Traveller, knitting this shawl goes FAST, I did it in 10 days. Talk about instant gratification! Thanks again for this great pattern, Alicia!


FO : Bits & Pieces


How much cuter can this bonnet be??! Another pattern by Veera Välimäki, Bits & Pieces. A super cute bonnet to keep Max’s ears warm this spring. Yep, I’ll have to wait before he can wear it outside : we are have quite a cold winter this year and despite being a knitted hat, just one layer on his head is not enough. I can’t wait for warmer weather to be here.

IMG_2832 IMG_2829

This design is a really quick knit and is ideal to bust some stash or left overs. I used some Anny Blatt Baby Blatt leftovers from my Ella Funt cardigan. I had to go up a couple needle sizes to get gauge, which resulted in a light and fluffy fabric. I might just make another one using heavier yarn. I definitively have some in my stash.

This bonnet turns out rather small : I made the biggest size (24 months), and it fits just right on Max, even if he’s not even 1. The next one will have to turn out bigger!


FO : Life on Sundays



Check out my project on Ravelry!

 Right in time for Fall! A stunning shawl with a simple yet effective stitch pattern, gorgeous hand dyed yarn. What’s more to ask?

Of course, I already confessed my love for Veera Välimäki’s knitwear designs. And it only grows stronger. Everything in this design is ingenious, but so easy! Just enough challenge to keep you knitting, but not too much you can knit while watching tv. Or while entertaining a baby (!).



And what about the yarn. My first time with Julie Asselin’s is surely not the last. Deep, rich colours and marvelous base. Plus, she’s a Quebecer! Yay for local dyer!


Finally, you can check out my « knitting patterns » section. It is still incomplete, but several patterns are already in. Just click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the Ravelry pattern page. Isn’t that neat?

KAL : October Affection

Oh, how excited I am! Jennifer from Jaykayknits (check out her blog, it’s really beautiful!) and I are starting a KAL! My first KAL. I’ve been wanted to take part of one for a long time now, but each time I was submerged with other projects, school (yeah, that was a long time ago!), work and now Little Max. Yet since he arrived, I’ve been knitting more, squeezing it during naptime. And working on one project at a time really helps.

On October 1st, Jennifer and I will cast on for the Color Affection shawl by Veera Välimäki (yes, ANOTHER one by Veera!). Post your progress on Instagram with the hash tag #octoberaffection. It’ll be fun to see all your yarn choices!

Speaking of which, I don’t think I ever told you about my Instagram account. You should follow Jennifer’s too! It’s even on Instagram we had the idea for this KAL. She posted one she just made, I commented (of course, it’s gorgeous!), and from one thing to another, we decided to start this KAL! Can you tell how excited I am?

Springtree Road Julep Sock in Delicate Yellow, Pear and Silverscreen

Springtree Road Julep Sock in Delicate Yellow, Pear and Silverscreen

I’ve bought the yarn for this shawl a long time ago. More then 2 years! It’s so sad Springtree Road doesn’t dye anymore. I’m really glad I got my hands on some of her gorgeous skeins before she closed down! I really like this color combination : soft, light and calming, yet not plain. I can’t wait to cast on!

Check out Jennifer’s yarn choice, it’ll be gorgeous!

On the Needles : Life on Sundays

I don’t think she knows it, but Veera Välimäki is one of my favorite knitwear designers, if not my #1. Seriously, I casted on her Life on Sundays shawl as soon as my Flowing Lines was off the needles. And I have several other designs of hers I plan on knitting. Seriously, I love what she does.

The great thing about her designs is the simplicity of the stitch pattern that creates a stunning effect. Everything is straightforward, and yet the result looks more complicated than it is. It’s so easy!

Take the Life on Sundays shawl. Garter stitch, stripes, slipped and cabled stitches (which are super easily done without a cabling needle), and so many color pairing possibilities. Speaking of colors, I casted on with the Julie Asselin Piccolo skeins I bought at Twist Fiber Festival. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors! I might just need to buy some more!

Julie Asselin Piccolo in Anémone and Parchemin